Havengirl was launched spring 2002 and can be found in upscale boutiques nationwide. A Havengirl is a girl with a love for fashion. Our fun and funky designs are always loaded with an eclectic variety of sparkle, style, and comfort. Our girls love to shine!

Are you looking for a store near you? Contact us at support@havengirl.com
or call: 760-385-6999

Also, check out our mommy lines,
Joyous and Free. You can find styles to match your little girl in the fun fabulous havengirl prints. Click here!

2016 Market Dates
Atlanta Gift Show:

January 12-19
July 12-19

Atlanta Mini Gift Show:
September 21-23

Atlanta Apparel Show:
February 3-8
April 6-11
June 2-5
August 3-8
October 5-10

Birmingham, AL:

Charlotte Children's Market:
March 4-6
August 26-28

Columbus, OH:
February 28-29

Dallas Gift Show:

January 20-26

Dallas Apparel Show:
January 27-30
February 26-29
March 30-April 2
August 10-13
October 26-29

Dearfield, ILL:
February 20-23
April 2-4

Evansville, IN:
February 8-10

Nashville, TN:
March 12-14
August 20-22

Las Vegas, NV:
February 16-18

Lexington, KY:
March 8-9
August 16(1/2 day), August 17-18

Livonia, MI:
March 6-8

Los Angeles, CA

January 17-21
March 13-17
June 6-9
August 1-4
October 17-20

Mt Vernon, IL:
February 2-5

New York, NY

March 13-15

San Francisco, CA:
January 24-25
April 3-5

Seattle, WA:
February 27-29

St Paul, MN:
March 20-22

For upcoming market information, please contact a representative in your area.